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iHug delivers software that empowers people to take control of their healthcare.

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Why iHug was founded

Our Direction

To be the world's most loved brand by offering intuitive and unique health care tools to everyone, anywhere.

To provide life changing health care software-as-a-solution software that users can only get from iHug.

Success Roadmap
Ai Quadrilateral Heuristic Ecosystem + Companions who bring insight, knowledge and positive energy.

Our Team

Having taken on many pivotal roles at fortune 500 companies including experiences launching the beloved and iconic iMac Apple while running two businesses of his own, earned Adam a National Leadership Award.
                            At a very young age, Adam always thought differently. He discovered he had an innate ability of understanding the inner workings of things. His passion for technology was born when he was given a hand-me-down Commodore 64 (C64). His curiosity and love for technology taught him how to code websites, navigate through networks and eventually start engineering apps in C++, Swift and other programming languages.
                            Adam is seasoned Entrepreneur with extensive experience in many facets of corporate business from platforming, orchestrator of software symphonies and ecosystems, big-data software, machine learning algorithms, artificial intelligence integration, architecting, software engineering, UI/UX designs, product design, rapid prototyping, quality control, warehouse logistics, operations, assembly and production.
                            Adam holds an accelerated Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Technology while actively taking courses in healthcare with an emphasis in computer science, cognitive and neural science at Harvard University and Stanford. He believes the future of healthcare will be a combination of neuroscience, artificial intelligence, deep learning, big data, machine learning, human physiology, and interaction and technology working harmoniously in a single ecosystem.

Adam John

Founder, Chief Executive Officer
and Chairman of the Board
Hap is a world-renowned businessman who transformed @TheNorthFace into a worldwide beloved brand by focusing on value and community rather than price. In 1968, Kenneth “Hap” Klopp acquired The North Face – then two small stores, one in San Francisco and one in the Old Barn at Stanford – and turned it into a global apparel business that he ran for 20 years.
                            He also became the executive chairman of Cocona, a nanoparticle company that makes fibers, fabrics, and laminates for active apparel companies, and Obscura Digital, a digital communications business. Today, the MBA ’66 graduate of Stanford Graduate School of Business continues his board roles while also mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs.
                            “It’s very inspiring to be around young people,” he says. “Older people don’t have the optimistic curiosity of younger people. I get enthused by the can-do attitude.” Hap always emphasizes the importance of infusing your values into your brand, the virtues of influencer marketing, and the benefits of interdisciplinary design teams.
                            Hap believes iHug is a true health care disruptor and has a very promising future with the hopes of helping people globally who currently struggle with the monolithic precedence of having limited to no access to healthcare.

Hap Klopp

Mentor, Advisory Board Member
and Founder of The North Face
A 20+ year @UnitedStatesArmy Veteran, Rafael was hand selected among a few candidates by Vectrus Mission Systems, @Kellogg, @Brown and Root to work overseas with various projects for the U.S. Army in an effort to improve logistics procedures for supply support. He cleverly used metrics from SAARS systems a military database, and eliminated 50% process enabling flow of supply from 15 days to 7 from point of origin to destination using various modes for the benefit of the U.S. soldiers.
                            He believes in the iHug slogan of Healthcare for Everyone, Anywhere. His own brother and sister-in-law had passed away due to health issues that could have been diagnosed early with preventive healthcare using innovation and technology. Hes devoted to iHug and the mission where hes offering his U.S. Military experience and wisdom to make healthcare afforable again.
                            He obtained his Bachelor of Science in Business Management from Araneta University, and will lead the expansion globally of companion care.

Rafael Lopez

Sr. Vice President,
Lyft, U.S. Army Veteran
Blake is President and CEO with Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services (SFBFS) @SacFoodBank SFBFS is a privately funded non-profit organization that serves over 140,000 men, women and children each month.
                          The organization’s primary mission is to serve low income families through various social service programs at two campuses in Sacramento County. The campus in north Sacramento focuses on food bank services where SFBFS along with its 225 partner agencies distribute food to more than 135,000 people per month. The campus in Oak Park focuses on family services and serves approximately 5,000 people per month. These programs are designed to provide life skills and education meant to assist folks on a path to self-sufficiency.  
                            SFBFS has over 8,000 volunteers and a staff of 85. Blake has served in this role since May 2005. Prior to leading the organization, Blake spent nine years in operations and public relations for SFBFS. Blake serves as a Board Chairman for Soil Born Farms, a 70-acre education farm and is on the Community Action Board with Sacramento Training and Employment Agency (SETA).
                            Blake graduated from Chico State University and served in the United States Army. Blake has two daughters, Ariel (21) and Dani (18). Blake plans on using his years of experience with Sacramento to help iHug open up access to healthcare to everyone, anywhere.

Blake Young

Investor, Mentor
Kevin is a true leader in every sense of the word. He's currently the President of @WellsFargo where he leads multiple divisions in process and development. Kevin enjoys educating and encourging businesses and business leaders. He sits on the boards of @SoilBornFarms - Rancho Cordova, @Salvation Army Advisory Board - Sacramento, @El Dorado Hills Chamber of Commerce - Board Member, @TEDCorp - Folsom and various other involvement in business.
                            He started at Bank of America as a Manager working his way up the chain of command by having a keen sense in business and exceptional business acumin. He's managed and overseen 72 bank branches, a workforce of 950 team members engaged in making a difference, 50 retail stores across 4 counties.
                            Kevin is a community leader, where he's responsible for growing his business relationships, driving economic growth, and strengthening community along with leading his sales, customer experience, and operational integrity for his company's mission.
                            Kevin immediately knew opening up access to healthcare was an important initiative that aligned with his beliefs about strengthening community.

Kevin Barri

Mentor, and President of
Wells Fargo Sacramento
Joe is well versed in corporate operations where he successfully led @Uber and @Lyft's efforts in Sacramento to build a brick-and-mortar operations to recruit drivers. As a result, Uber and Lyft went on to build a global companion company.
                           Josef is a California native, graduating from California State University Long Beach with concentration in Sociology. He dedicated himself to social work helping special needs adults. He also worked at Arts and Services for the disabled before venturing off and starting his sales career.
                            In 2010, Josef and his wife decided to move to Elk Grove, CA where he was hired by Alhambra as a sales and marketing manager. He then ventured into a career of selling life insurance at Lincoln Financial. Then the unthinkable happened, Josef's 5 year old daughter needed open heart surgery. He was forced to move into a job that was more flexible so that he could help his wife care for their daughter.
                            He joined @Uber as a recruiter and later began work as an Ambassador for @Lyft. As an Ambassador, he helps with recruiting drivers and passengers and serves his community.
                            Josef is heading up the development of iHug's platform and the launch of iHug services into several cities. He deeply believes iHug can truly change the world

Joe Acebedo

Chief Operating Officer, and
former Lyft Ambassador
Gary is a Sr. Executive with over 35 years of corporate, non-profit and start-up experience. He holds dual Bachelor's in Business Administration and Finance from the University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee and a Master of Arts in Counseling from the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs.
                            He has transformed great humanitarian non-profit companies such as @Feeding America, @Senior Gleaners, Children's Museum of Colorado and @MADDOnline #MADD Mothers Against Drunk Drivers. He successfully transforms them to be lean and profitable while continuing on a growth projection through grass roots marketing and connections with the community. He has a keen sense to detect potential in companies while executing on opportunity.
                            Gary is a licensed professional counselor in Colorado, and has received training in past life regression working with Celtic, Native American, and Peruvian shamans.
                            Gary provides both mentorship and guidance to iHug and he's extremely enthusiastic about the direction the company is headed.

Gary McDonald

Mentor, Advisor, and CEO of
Lighthouse Family Counseling

Malcolm Russell

Advisor, U.S. Army Ranger
experiences at Dignity Health
Alanna was born and raised in Australia and graduated from Queensland University of Technology (QUT) where she earned her Bachelor's Degree in Mass Communication, majoring in Journalism, Advertising and Marketing. She's always had a fascination with technology and wanted to use it in a way that helped others. She found herself up at all hours of the night reading articles, business books, biographies, and even started attending business seminars. She flew out to San Francisco and met the founder of iHug and instantly knew she wanted to help with the cause.  
                            In 2011, Alanna started her own YouTube channel and began her career in acting and technology. She accumulated over 110,000 followers and became a sensation in Australia. Yet she still wanted to do more with her life.
                            In 2016, she flew to San Francisco, CA where her goal was to immerse herself in tech start-ups, start-up events and business mixers. After meeting Adam John, founder of iHug, she was touched and became so inspired, she instantly knew she could use her talents to help others.
                            She left her family, job and life behind in Australia to join iHug in Silicon Valley. Alanna will lead communications while promoting iHug on social media, directing commercial ads and other multi-media content creation for outreach.

Alanna Mackintosh

Vice President of Communication,
with experiences at YouTube
Jim wants to make a difference in the world of healthcare. Having worked at companies like @Apple, he has firsthand experience in industry solutions, cellular and telecom infrastructures, management and operations. He is solely focused on company-wide efforts in support of the Artificial Intelligence Everything™ (AiE™) initiatives. A core focus of automating the flow of inanimate objects through human connection. Jim is currently identifying significant technology opportunities for hospitals, urgent care and medical offices using Artificial Intelligent Cloud Network™.
                            After completing high school with emphasis on computer technology, he attended ITT Technical Institute where he studied computer network systems. After graduating in 2005, he was hired at Apple where since then he has learned invaluable information about the integrity and quality of product lines such as the iPhone, iPad, iPods, MacBooks, Apple Watch, Cloud and other world class sales, service, and support.

Jim Yeoman

Sr. Vice President of IT
experiences at Apple
Community and social outreach is a familiar concept with Mike. This familiarity came from a family of entrepreneurial risk takers and social advocates. Mike’s grandmother was one of the first Asian female real estate brokers and his father was very passionate about community outreach and civil rights. This brought about the first Korean community center in San Francisco, which was started by Mike’s family.
                            As a native, 4 generation San Franciscan, Mike’s early years in San Francisco was filled with community outreach. His passion made him director of the Japanese Community Youth Council (JCYC), which is one of the active youth centers in the Bay Area. His involvement included chairing and co-chairing multiple projects and community events. Mike was appointed general manager of JCYC’s produce company, one of the first ever non-profit businesses to generate income for the non-profit sector. After almost 20 years of volunteer work in various community boards, as part of its board of directors, and working with non-profit entities, Mike’s career path took a turn. This gave him the opportunity to buy out the produce company. By the time he retired from the produce business, Mike had built the company into the 3rd largest organic wholesaler in the San Francisco area.
                            Mike transitioned to the Sacramento region in 2000. After his relocation, he dabbled in various industries such as a consultant for General Produce, Vice President for Membership Development in the Sacramento Asian Chamber of Commerce (SACC), and auto sales as a liaison for lender relationships and sales training. Mike’s contributions to such endeavors enabled the SACC to double their membership during his tenure and also propelled him into auto sales management. He has been a manager for the last 10 years.
                            Mike is excited to embark on another industry change, looking forward to what iHug can contribute to the healthcare system.

Mike Kim

Advisory Board
Investment Relations
As a successful real estate broker with over 37 years’ experience, Joseph became Sacramento’s number one real estate broker for three consecutive years. This enabled him to expand his business by opening his own real estate company. His reputation and abilities provided him the opportunity to work with the National Association of Minority Contractors (NAMC). NAMC is the oldest minority construction trade association across America.
                            Joseph graduated from Pacific Union College in Napa Valley, with majors in Sociology and History. He brings a vast amount of experience to the iHug Advisory Board.

Joseph Tigner

Investor, Advisor
U.S. Army
Shahla is an expert in <strong>@UnitedStates</strong> and International background investigations with the highest number of field assignments in her department. She currently works for an unnamed U.S. Government organization. Shahla is able to conduct business in accordance with company policies and procedures, in compliance with Fair Housing, Americans with Disabilities Act, Fair Credit Reporting Act, and all other laws pertaining to real estate and housing to assist iHug in it's development.
                            Throughout Shahla's education and career, she has gained a solid understanding of the functions of today’s complex world. She's able to see the effects at different levels of government and government contractors have and its relations to our society as a whole. Shahla holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the University of California, Davis.
                            When her mother was diagnosed with cancer, it devastated her family's finances. She has since joined iHug to offer her insight on process and procedure.

Shahla Qudus

Healthcare Software
Compliance, U.S. Government
Ejay immigrated to the United States and started working at Long Beach Memorial Medical Center in Southern California. This gave her an opportunity to work with colleagues with expertise in Telemetry Step-down and Adult Respiratory Care.
                            Moving to Northern California in 2006, Ejay started her nursing journey with @Kaiser Permanente. Her nursing experience flourished and continued to do so with experiences in care of Stroke and Trauma patients, relief charge RN assignments, Clinical Education, and currently GI-Endoscopy nursing; thus moving her up the organization’s Staff RN Clinical ladder.
                            Her background in Clinical Education enabled her to pursue her Master’s of Science in Nursing with a focus on Nursing Education (MSN/Ed). This endeavor allowed her to receive a membership with Sigma Theta Tau International - Omicron Delta Chapter. Her professional contributions include procedure and policy review, writing, and implementation as well as organizing current department’s annual skills and competency check since 2015 for major hospitals.
                            Ejay believes iHug will open doors for patients to access health care in a unique manner. She believes it should be all about patient care in the convenience and the comfort of their home.

Ejay Araba

Nurse Coordinator, experience
at Kaiser Permanente
Jet was honorably discharged from the @UnitedStatesNavy after serving the United States of America. The Navy had a phrase Non Sibi Sed Patriae which is a Latin phrase meaning not for self, but country. With this motto, Jet took to heart the responsibilities and honor of serving his country to provide individuals the freedom to pursue their dreams. He was heavily involved with development during his time spent with the U.S. Navy including high risk evolutions, landing signalman enlisted (LSE), and rib boat driver.
                            He was a boatswain’s mate (BM), in charge of a team and responsible for the upkeep of the Naval ship. He was also master helmsman in high risk evolutions, Landing Signalman Enlisted (LSE), and rib boat driver. Jet also partook in standing watch when on foreign grounds to ensure the safety of the team and rescuing refugees from hazardous situations. Jet was provided with a great opportunity while enlisted in the United States Navy, he was able to travel to many parts of the world, develop new skills and improve current skills. Jet was able to carry on the skills he obtained in the United States Navy when he transitioned into civilian life.
                            Jet began work as an Ambassador for @Lyft. As an Ambassador, he helps with recruiting drivers and passengers and serves his local community.
                            Jet sees great potential in the future of iHug. He believes iHug will make a great impact in the healthcare community and will play a beneficial role for the community, families, and individuals.

Jet Carreon

MLEC Advocate, Honorably
discharged from the U.S. Navy
Aimee is a highly respected independent Attorney principally serving technology start-ups, emerging small companies and established local businesses in the Santa Monica area. Ms. Haynes has provided legal counsel on behalf of several top 100 law firms and Fortune 500 companies. In her private practice, she is focused in the areas of business entity creation with respect to matters pertaining to small business. Aimee has years of global experience including work for the U.S. State Department and human rights projects in Cambodia, Uganda and China.
                            A graduate of  Temple University Beasley School of Law, Ms. Haynes has a Juris Doctor and from UCLA School of Law and she holds a Legum Magister (Master of Laws) focused on Business and Security law.
                            Additionally, Ms. Haynes is a member of the American and California Bar Association and feels iHug can be a driving force in the healthcare field and has joined the iHug board.

Aimee Haynes

Legal Counsel, and
Advisory Board Member
Veronica has over 15 years of administrative experience. She started her career at <strong>@BankoftheWest</strong> as an Account Representative in the Credit Union Department in 2001. She continued with office administration in construction as well as the automotive industry.
                            As a San Jose native, Veronica attended American River College to focus on Small Business Management. Her passion has always been to startup her own non-profit in an effort to give back to her community. She volunteered at American Youth Soccer Association as a Board Member, Registrar, Team Mom and Coach.<br><br>
                            Veronica joined Farmers Insurance Group in 2017 with hopes of being an insurance agent through La Familia, a multicultural counseling, outreach and support services to low income, at-risk youth and families in Sacramento County. Her company asked her to setup at iHug to assist with writing companion policies. Veronica showed up to volunteer and never left.    
                           She left Farmers Insurance to dedicate herself full time to iHug and it's mission of opening up Healthcare for Everyone, Anywhere with hopes of giving back, something that she's always dreamed about.

Veronica Espinoza

Office Manager experiences
at Bank of the West
Virginia is a native Californian who's been in the field of investigations since 1985. She was trained in Civil Litigation, Personal Injury, and Worker’s Compensation. Since licensed, she decided she wanted to help individuals on a more personal basis by preforming locates, not just for attorneys but for individuals who had lost loved ones or friends.
                            As the internet started evolving, Virginia found that there was a real need for individuals who were internet dating. She was hired to find red flags on individuals. She started doing background checks on individuals and for businesses and their potential hires or future business partners.
                            Records Research has become her real love. With years of experience, involved in every gamut of investigations and personal experience in many of the arenas as her clients. She’s able to not only assist but empathize with her clients.
                            Shortly after Virginia met with the founder of iHug, they shared the same vision about healthcare. Virginia is very excited to collaberate and work closely with iHug.

Virginia Pelton

Investigations Expert with
experiences in law
Daniela has an MS in Engineering and over 25 years corporate experience including 21 years with <strong>@GeneralElectric</strong>. She held executive positions in Business, Operations, and Services, where she drove business growth through key strategies such as broadening the customer base, product positioning, cost and process improvements.
                            Daniela also has a passion for Natural Health. She realizes that a combination of proper nutrition and lifestyle changes can improve the overall quality of life.
                            She earned a BS in Holistic Health in 2012, and a PhD in Natural Medicine in 2017. She is also Master Nutritionist and Herbalist. She is licensed by PMA and board certified in Integrative Health by AAIM. She founded Newhealthahead, LLC. in 2017 aiming to empower individuals to take control of their health through educated action.
                            Daniela recognizes iHug’s power to change the approach to healthcare and she feels privileged to be part of a winning team.

Daniela Sozanski, PHD

Investor, and Mentor with
experiences at GE
Bea is a seasoned Healthcare Professional who has been in the field for over 15 years. Graduating from Loma Linda University School of Nursing with a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing, Bea advanced her studies in Graduate Nursing at California State University San Bernardino and Harbor <strong>@UCLA</strong> Women’s Health Care Nurse Practitioner program.
                            Bea’s expansive career has given her experience in the areas of Pediatric Oncology, Maternal and Child Health, Public Health nursing, Reproductive Health, Forensic Nursing, Care Coordination, Utilization Management and Complex Care Management. In her role as a Nurse Practitioner, Bea is most excited to have participated in a medical mission team that started breast and cervical cancer clinics in Kenya, East Africa.
                            Bea has also received training as an Advanced Practice Transitional Care Nurse from the UPenn’s Transitional Care Program, which empowers nurses with skills to follow up on patients after they leave the hospital to ensure they do not develop complications. Bea is married and has four children.
                            Outside of work, Bea enjoys singing, teaching, serving others and spending time with her family.

Beatrice Dube, RN, MSN, NPN

Advisor, Mentor with
Healthcare Coordinator

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