iHug Privacy Guarantee

iHug is dedicated to working with you to safeguard your personal information on iHug websites across the World Wide Web. For years, you have trusted us with your personal and financial information. We are committedto protecting the information you have shared with us.

Within iHug, access to to your information is limited to those who need it to perform their jobs. We do not provide other companies access to your information for their own marketing or other financial gain. We do not solicit your information to marketers or third parties. Sharing your information as we have outlined here enables us to maintain superiority in the service we provide to you.

Our responsibility is to you, our customer. iHug is known for its extraordinary world class ideas and service to people in need of healthcare. iHug has established this Privacy Guarantee as a foundation for the security of your information. We keep our promise to you, that your information is private and secure. We will uphold this Privacy Guarantee using our core values.

Information security
In our efforts to provide personalized, world class service and experiences, we collect your personal information. We keep your personal information secure and confidential using 256-bit encryption online and secure firewalls monitored by our Security Team. Our IT Department is constantly updating our systems to keep on top of new threats and to keep your information guarded and secure.

Security Check List
1. Protect your personal information - Do not provide any personal information over the phone, mail or Internet unless you trust the source and it's secure. Be suspicious of e-mails requesting your financial information, reputable companies will never ask their customers for financial information via e-mail.

Look for the lock icon on your browser's status bar when you are shopping online.

Check for the lock. Be safe online.

2. Install anti-virus and firewall software

• Keep your anti-virus and firewall software up to date.
• Install a firewall to block unauthorized users from accessing your  computer.
• Avoid opening and reading unsolicited e-mails.
• Ensure that your virus scanning softwareautomatically scans attachments, or scan
them manually prior to opening them.
• Use a pop-up blocker.

3. Use an up-to-date browser and operating system - Always use an up-to-date browser with at least 128-bit encryption.

4. Protect your login and password information - Don't share your login and password information withanyone.

• Choose a password you can remember without having to write it down.
• Use a combination of numbers, words and punctuation for your passwords.
• Change your passwords and PINs at least twice a year.
• If you use a wireless router to connect to the Internet, make sure to create your own secure password for it, rather than relying on its default password.

5. Prevent spyware - Install anti-spyware software on your computer.Download software only from sites you know and trust. Be careful about which websites you visit.

6. Stay alert - Don't provide personal information over the phone, mail or Internet unless you trust the source.Review your statements and accounts regularly for unexpected transactions.Order and review a copy of your credit report. Look for inaccuracies or unexplained entries.

7. Contact iHug - if you need help with your security questions and problems, Email Us.

Your responsibilities

Our guarantee does not ensure protection against your failure to follow your responsibilities. Review your iHug account frequently. Notify iHug immediately of any unauthorized account activity.

Your computer
Confirm the computer you're using is up to date with anti-virus and firewall software prior to accessing iHug. Understand that when accessing iHug, our website utilizes cookies, a temporary internet file that allows us to maintain your identity while browsing on our site for your security.

Operating system
Utilize Microsoft.com to ensure you have the latest security updates and newest software available on your operating system.

E-mail requests
Do not respond to any e-mails requesting personal or financial information, such as account numbers, credit card information or passwords. iHug will never request this information via email and we strongly discourage clicking on any links within an e-mail if you suspect the message might be fraudulent.

Stay informed
Check out trustworthy sources on a regular basis to stay current on the latest security issues and advice.

iHug will diligently prosecute any activity we deem unauthorized after investigation. Please understand we will need your cooperation during this process and may need additional assistance from you, including access to the computer with which you access iHug.

  To contact us about privacy, email us: Email Us »

Updates and Effective Date
Any material changes to the Privacy Guarantee will be posted on this web site.
The effective date of the Privacy Guarantee is 2004.
Last updated 2014.

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